Friday, December 23, 2011

New books, and other things too.

Well, I have books now! I'm very happy that I have new stuff to read. I was getting tired of reading and looking at the same books over and over again.
Now I'll give you the list of them but I didn't get a lot. I have a habit of going through my TBR list and just writing down like 10 books I want to get and then I never finish them. That's what happened last time. I refused to get so much books this time. I got about 6 books. Here they are:

"O Jerusalem" by Laurie R. King

I think this is the next book in the Mary Russell series I haven't read in a loooong time. I started like three pages of this book, put it down and haven't came back to it. I'm excited to get back into it because I forgot how much I love this series so far. :D

"Mistress of the Art of Death" by Ariana Franklin

It's a very gruesome name, and the plot is the same, but I'm excited to get into it. I've been wanting to read this for a while; it's just been sitting on my TBR shelf, and finally I got to check it out!

"Maisie Dobbs" by Jacqueline Winspear

 At first I didn't remember how I found this book. I sometimes look at the suggestions Goodreads gives you to find new books, and I found this on the suggestions for "A Fatal Waltz" by Tasha Alexander. It looked like a good book, so I added it. This cover that I posted is the paperback cover, but my library has the hard cover. It doesn't look as awesome as this one. ;P

"A Beautiful Blue Death" by Charles Finch

 I've been seeing these Charles Lenox mysteries a lot and finally I decided to read the first one. We'll see how I like these books. and they seem pretty good so I'll give them a try.

"The Book of Fires" by Jane Borodale

 If you read my last blog, you've seen this book. I was really excited to read it so I'm reading it first before any of them. So far, I like it a lot. :D

"Keturah and Lord Death" by Martine Leavitt

 This book was really short (or at least for me.) It's about 216 pages. I read it in one and a half days. The idea was a interesting I thought, and it was surprisingly good book. I enjoyed it!

Anyway, that's all of them. Before I went to the library I was reading "The Dark Road to Darjeeling" by Deanna Raybourn, the next book in Lady Julia Grey mysteries. I'll get back to it once I read all of these new books.
Well, I think that's it. Until next time! <3

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WWW Wednesday (December 21)

Hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading
 To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions...

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you'll read next?

What are you currently reading? 
 I just got a whole bunch of books at the library (I'm gonna do another blog about it later.) but I'm reading "Book of Fires" by Jane Borodale.

What did you recently finish reading?

I recently finished "Silent on the Moor" by Deanna Raybourn.
I HATE the cover of this book. I can promise you, it's not a trashy romance novel. Ugh.... but on the bright side, this book is great. I've read it several times before, and I still love it. :D

What do you think you'll read next?

I think I'll read "Mistress of the Art of Death" by Ariana Franklin next. 
This looks like it's gonna be a pretty good mystery book. Can't wait to start it!

Soon I'm gonna do another blog about all the books I got today at the library so you can see but until then, everyone have a good week! <3

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Musing Mondays (December 19)

Again, for the second time I forgot to post my Musing Monday's post. I started it, then I decided to do it later and now I'm late on posting it. Well here it is now, with a few updates first. One, I'm going to the library tomorrow so I'll have new books! But that also means I have to make a list... Two, I'm re-reading the whole Lady Julia Grey mysteries because I have nothing better to read. I started reading them three days ago? and I'm on the third one already.... I really forgot how much I love these books. :D Okay, now to the Musing Monday's post.
Hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading

This week's musing asks...

What's one book you always recommend to just about anyone?

 Now, some of you might guess what my answer would be, so I'll give you two books that I usually always recommend.

One, I've recommended these books to like, three people in the past month. And I even mentioned them above. I absolutely love the Lady Julia Grey mysteries and I'm always saying on here that their amazing, which is completely true. I would recommend these to anyone really. I love them!

Okay and the second books I would also recommend are Jane Austen books, especially if you like reading books in that time period. I've always been obsessed with that time period, and for me Jane Austen books are perfect for when you want to lose yourself in Victorian England. :D

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WWW Wednesday (December 14)

Hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions...

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you'll read next?

What are you currently reading?
I'm currently reading "Silent in the Grave" by Deanna Raybourn again.
I know, I'm lame but I can't help it. I really wanted to read it again. hehe 

What did you recently finish reading? 
I think the last book I finished was "A Dance Through Time" by Lynn Kurland.
The reason I re-read this was because I was in one of those moods for a mind numbing romance that wasn't too deep. Plus this book is one of my favorites.

What do you think you'll read next? 
This is always a hard question for me because I usually don't think ahead about anything.  I have no idea what I'm gonna read next. It depends on my mood. As usual. haha 
Everyone have a good night! <3

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Musing Mondays (December 12)

Hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading
Like an idiot, I forgot about Musing Monday. So this post is a little late but whatever. This week's question was really good, so lets start!

This week's musing is taken from an old "Booking Through Tuesday" post:

I once knew a man who read about WWII. He read everything he could get his hands on on the subject. He had a whole wall of books that were all about WWII. It amazed me. How could he continue to find one subject that engrossing? My mother, on the other hand, loves to read best sellers. I’ve known other people who read science fiction to the exclusion of everything else; for others it was philosophy, self-help, or history.
So, to the questions…
What kind of books do you like to read?
Why? Provide specific examples.
 Before I say anything, I love the picture for today's Musing Monday. It's so pretty! :D

I love all kinds of books. If you say it's good, it doesn't matter what genre it is, I will read it. Simply because I love books. But I do have my favorites. I love fantasy, romance, and mystery. I also love a book that is action packed but still humorous. Here's some examples:

Fantasy: The best example of a great fantasy book is "Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss. (Here's the Goodreads page.) He wrote it so beautifully, that it was hard to put down. When you think of fantasy, you think of dragons and knights in shining armor, but this book is not about that. Now, I'm not saying I don't love those kind of books, but what I liked most about this book was the fact that it was a whole new take on the fantasy genre. Check it out!
    Romance: The thing about romance is there is all different kinds but the key is to find the right one; the one that fits you and what you like to read. Romance can be cheesy, and sometimes it isn't clean, but it depends on what your tastes are.
    I have two favorites but one of them is not exactly romance. Lynn Kurland is one of my favorite romance authors. Some of her books can be repetitive, but I love them. Also Juliet Marillier is a great romance writer, but she doesn't excatly write romance. Her books are fantasy, romance and historical fiction all in one. Her books are amazing. (Read their Goodreads pages here and here.)

    Mystery: This example is an easy one. My favorite mystery books are the Lady Julia Grey novels. I absolutely love everything about these books. Deanna Raybourn is an awesome writer, and I can't wait for her new stand alone novel to come out.  :D (Goodreads page here.)

    An example of action packed books that are humorous is the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson.  I love these books. These bird kids kick some butt. It's great. hehe (Goodreads page here.)

    Anyway that answers it. What a great question... :)

    Sunday, December 11, 2011

    I'm back! (Again...)

    Well, I'm back from my break from blogging and I'm ready to get into it again.

    Anyway, my friend Kaila just got The Hunger Games at a bookstore and I read a little bit. I already loved it even though I only got to page 16. hahaha I cannot wait till I can buy it, and read it. I'm so excited.
    You know, I have tons of books that I haven't read on my bookshelf but I don't want to read any of them.
     I think it's because I see those covers every morning, and just get sick of seeing them and that makes me not want to read them.... I need something NEW to read, otherwise I wont be reading very much. Which means another trip to the library is in order. I'm gonna get the books I'm most looking forward to reading, and that's it. If I get too many books my brain will get all crowded, and we know what happens when Megan's brain gets crowded, right? It's not pretty.

    Okay so I recently read The Picture Of Dorian Grey and as I'm reading through it I'm like, "This is a great book!" then I get to some parts and they came so quickly I was shocked. I was staring at the book with my mouth open.  Let me just say, (without giving anything away) that not only is Dorian an arrogant jerk, he's also a psychopath. :P

    I'm trying to think of other things I've read but I haven't really been reading. Which is terrible, but I just have other stuff going on. Once I get to the library I'll get to reading. And I mean it this time.  Everyone have a great week! <3

    Thursday, November 24, 2011

    Just a heads up.

    Okay since my Grandparents are over these next couple of days, I think I'm going to take the week off just so I'm not sitting around blogging all day when I should be hanging out with my family. So I've decided that we're just going to skip the blogging for a while. I'll be back after that and ready to do some books reviews!

    Sorry I missed WWW Wednesday, I had totally forgotten about it, since I've been cleaning to get ready for my Grandparents. I promise I'll come back, but for now I'll have to take a break. I know that almost every one of the blogs I follow are always posting about not being able to blog for a while because all of us have such busy lives. Apparently that includes me now...

    I plan on going to the library soon so I'm going to make a list of the books I want to get, and hopefully I'll have some new books to review! But until then, happy blogging and have a good week. :)

    Monday, November 21, 2011

    Musing Mondays (November 21)

    Hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading
    How do you decide to read a book by an author you haven’t read before? What sort of recommendations count most highly in making that decision?

     I find most of my new authors on Goodreads. Sometimes I'll look at the suggestions on the side of the page when I'm looking at a book I've already read. Also, and I hate to admit it, but I do look at the covers sometimes. Like if I'm at a bookstore, I automatically go to the books that have pretty covers. I'm sad to say it. Also, if I hear that it's a good book, I'll go and check it out.

    Most times, I'll read anything if it's recommended to me. I always try to keep an open mind. But most times I go by two things. 1: I have to care about the characters and the story. If I don't care about the story, I'll never read it. Sometimes I do that with young adult books. It's simply a matter of how much I care. If I don't care I'm not going to keep reading. Give me a reason to like the characters and I'll read it. And 2: There has to be at least some kind of romance in it. I'm a sucker for romance. It can be a lot of romance or just a little bit, but it's got to have something.

    Like I said, most times I keep an open mind. I'm also a mood reader too. If it sounds good at the moment, I look at reviews and then decide if I want to read it or not.
    I usually go by book reviews. If I think the reviews on it are good, I'll try it out and see if I like it. :)

    Sunday, November 20, 2011

    Update! I haven't done one of these in a while...

    Hello, peoples. I think I am now back into the swing of things! I've started to read "Lady of the Glen" and I like it a lot! I might do a book review on it.... ;)
    I really want to go to the library again, to check out some new books. I haven't been able to get any of the mystery books I talked about in the other blog, because I've just been sitting at home, AND I'm sick. So as soon as I'm able to, I want to go and get them. I should make a library list.... That'll give me something to do.

    I know I shouldn't want to go to the library when I have perfectly good books right on the my bookshelf, but I can't help myself. I'm a mood reader. I can't help that when I look at the books on my bookshelf, I go: "ehh I don't really want to read that", or "I'm not in the mood to read this one....". I just can't read a book unless I want to read it. Is anyone else like that? Or is it just me? I don't know. But I think I'm just going to have to suck it up.

    Also, I have so many books that I'm almost done reading, but I never get around to reading the rest of it! I should just have a week dedicated to reading the books I'm partially done with. I think I have about 4 books that I started, read to almost the end, and stopped. I need to get those done too.
    I need to start to get my TBR pile smaller. It's almost as big as the books I've read! Which is not many.

    Okay I think that's it for the updates! Have a good night. :)

    Wednesday, November 16, 2011

    WWW Wednesday (November 16)

    I just looked down at all my posts this past month, and all of the posts are memes! I need to start doing some reviews... I just haven't been reading any books I want to review! It's all been Lynn Kurland books, and I really don't feel like doing a review on one of those. I'm going to finish this last one, and then I'm either going to read "Phantom of the Opera" or something else. I need to get back into the swing of things. Now, moving on to the actual WWW Wednesday post:
    Hosted MizB at Should Be Reading

    To play along, just answer the following 
    three (3) questions....  

    -What are you currently reading?
    -What did you recently finish reading?
    -What do you think you'll read next?

    What are you currently reading? 
    I am reading "Till There Was You" by Lynn Kurland
    I've read this one recently, but I decided to read it again because I had read all of them in order and this one was next. I think this is my favorite Lynn Kurland book, but I haven't read it all the way through yet to decide. 

    What did you recently finish reading?
    I recently finished "With Every Breath" by Lynn Kurland.
    I'm sure your going to get sick of hearing her name all the time. But for right now, these are what I'm reading. Despite the cheesy names, they aren't really bad. I like them, and I'm not into the cheesy romance genre. They are nice and light. I need that kind of book right now.

    What do you think you'll read next?
    Like I said at the beginning, I think I'll read "Phantom of the Opera next, or something else. I haven't quite decided yet.  Hopefully, I'll have a book review soon! :)

    Monday, November 14, 2011

    Musing Mondays (November 14)

    Hosted MizB at Should Be Reading

    Are you currently collecting any authors? Why?
    Do you have all of their books? If not, why not? 
    Did you buy all the books in the collection at the same time, or did you buy a book here, a book there? Have you actually read all of the collection? If not, why not?

    I have a couple of books I've collected when I was young, and I still have on my bookshelf now. I used to collect Junie B. Jones books by Barbara Park and I have most of them. My elementary school had a program each year, where each one of our parents got a flyer that had books you could buy, and it would help the school. I can't quite remember the name of the program but I got a box set of The Chronicles Of Narnia by C.S Lewis but I don't collect his books.
    The only author I really collect is Deanna Raybourn. I have her whole Julia Grey Series, but I don't have her stand alone novel. I don't know if I want to get it, or just recheck it out at my library, if I want to read it again. She's going to come out with another stand alone novel and I plan on buying it! I love all her books. She is one of my favorite authors.

    The Julia Grey series I bought four of them at one time, and then bought the 5th one at another time.
    I bought the Junie B. Jones books at different times. Sometimes a couple of years went by before I got another one.
    Yes, I have read all the books I have collected. I've read them all several times. 

    Wednesday, November 9, 2011

    WWW Wednesday (November 9)

    Hosted MizB at Should Be Reading
    To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions...
    • What are you currently reading?

    • What did you recently finish reading?

    • What do you think you'll read next?

    What are you currently reading?
    I'm reading "With Every Breath" by Lynn Kurland.
    This is the last book to read. After I read this one, I will have read all of Lynn Kurland's books in order! :D

    What did you recently finish reading?
    I recently finished "Much Ado in the Moonlight" by Lynn Kurland.
    I loved this book! It's one of my favorite Lynn Kurland books.

    What do you think you'll read next?
    I think I'm going to finish up a few books that have a little bit of pages left, and I'll probably start on "Phantom of the Opera" or "Lady of the Glen". It depends on my mood at the moment. :)

    Monday, November 7, 2011

    Musing Mondays (November 7)

    This week's musing asks... 
    Hosted MizB at Should Be Reading

    Other than for school, do you read books to learn how to do something? What was/were the topic(s)?

    Not really. I used to when I was little, I would always walk to the non-fiction section. I think I got a book on drawing. I don't really read books to learn something anymore. 
    I think I should start reading them more though....

    Wednesday, November 2, 2011

    WWW Wednesday (November 2)

    Hosted MizB at Should Be Reading
    ok this is going to be a really shortened verison of WWW Wednesday, cause I have a lot of socializing to do. So here we go!

    To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions...
    • What are you currently reading?
    • What did you recently finish reading?
    • What do you think you'll read next?

    Again, all I'm reading right now is Lynn Kurland, because it's easy to read and put down if need be. 
    What are you are you currently reading?
    I'm reading "Garden In the Rain" by Lynn Kurland
    Here's the Goodreads page.

    What do you recently finish reading?
    I recently finished "My Heart Stood Still" by Lynn Kurland
    Here's the Goodreads page.

    What do you think you'll read next?
    I'm going to read "Much Ado In the Moonlight" also by Lynn Kurland.
    Here's the Goodreads page.

    haha Sorry there is so much Lynn Kurland. I've been really busy lately but this next week I'm going to be reading a LOT. I plan on not doing anything but school, cleaning, and reading. We'll see how that works out...
    Have a great Wednesday! XD

    Monday, October 31, 2011

    Musing Mondays (October 31)

    Hosted MizB at Should Be Reading
    I've decided that this will be a regular thing on my blog. It's a lot of fun and she comes up with good ideas for questions. So here we go!

    Today's question is:

    Would you say that you read about the same amount now as when you were younger? More? Less? Why?

    I would say I read less when I was younger. (Also just as a side note, I'm not really that old. I'm 15.) 
    I haven't been reading for very long. I just got started reading, like two years ago. 
    It started with Twilight. I found it because it was so popular then, and my friends were reading it. I grew to love them so much, that I would only read them and no other books. Which was very, VERY stupid of me, because there are so many good books out there. 
    It took me getting rid of the books and not thinking about them anymore to get me to stop and move on. With a little help from my friends. ;)
    It eventually happened and now I'm where I'm at right now! I'm constantly finding new books to read, and that lead me to do a book blog when I grew to love books. 
    Anyway, I'm ranting. This will get to the question soon. :P

    My Dad, when I was little, would always read to me. I remember my dad reading me all sorts of books and I still remember them.  As I got older I read some chapter books sometimes, and not much else. As I got to my teens I read a bit but not a lot. When I was about 13 I had a lot of problems, with friends and myself, I was a mess. I didn't really have time to read much. Then Twilight came into the picture and I would always read those. I think I have Twilight to thank for getting me to read. It got everyone to read and now it's not so popular anymore. Which is ok with me because I got better things to read! haha 
    Anyway I think that answers the question. I'm reading a lot now, and I'm glad I am. :)

    Note: Sorry about the font. It's all messed up...

    Sunday, October 30, 2011

    Mystery books!

    For some reason, I've been obsessed with mystery books and I don't know why... Maybe it has something to do with hot detectives and arsenic.... I don't quite know.
    Anyway, yesterday we went to Atlanta (aka Buford) GA, went and got a car, and went to the mall. We also went to Barns & Noble. Let me just say, that it's one of my favorite stores of all time. There is so much books there that it hard to decide which section to go to! Apparently my subconscious told me to go to the mystery  section... I got out one of those flyers everyone at the mall tries to give you, stole my friend Kaila's pen, and wrote down a few books I wanted to check out... I have a problem.

    Ok heres the plan: I'll give you a list of the few books I found, because everyone like lists right?

    1. "The Ice Princess" by Camilla L√§ckberg
    She is a Swedish author and this is one of the books I found at Barns & Noble.
    It's about a girl named Erica, and she finds her childhood friend dead. She decides to write a book about her friends life. She was very remote when she was alive and Erica doesn't know much about her, but she decides to do it anyway. Soon she uncovers secrets about a deeply disturbing past....

    2. "The Marx Sisters" by Barry Maitland.
    Another mystery book... All the books in this list are mystery. haha
    Detective Kathy Kolla's first case is one for the books.  A great-granddaughter of Karl Marx is found dead, and they don't know why she was killed. Then another Marx is killed and they bring in detective, David Brock, from Scotland Yard is brought in to help with the case. They both work together to find the killer. Can they unravel the mystery before Kathy first case is her last?

    3. "Bellfield Hall" by Anna Dean.
    This book is said to be like Jane Austen books, but aren't. It's set in the time period I love to read about. I'm all for it!
    The year is 1805. There is an engagement party for Mr. Richard Montague and his fiancee Catherine. They are dancing and a man appears to communicate something to Richard without saying a word, and he breaks off the engagement. Catherine is very worried, so she talks to her aunt, Miss Dido Kent. She pleads with her to find her fiancee and discover the truth behind his disappearance.

    That is just a few of the books I found but I don't want to list them all because I'm lazy....haha But you get the point. I've been pretty crazy about mystery lately. Now I just need to get to the library to check them out! :D

    Wednesday, October 26, 2011

    WWW Wednesday (October 26)

    Hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading
    This time I will not forget WWW Wednesday! haha so here we go...

    To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions...
    • What are you currently reading?

    • What did you recently finish reading?

    • What do you think you'll read next?

    What are you currently reading? 
    I'm reading "My Heart Stood Still" by Lynn Kurland.
    I've already read this book before but I'm reading it again because I'm trying to read all of Lynn Kurland's books in order.
    This is a great book, and I love it. :D

    What did you recently finish reading?

    "Love Came Just in Time" by Lynn Kurland.
    This is a bunch of short Lynn Kurland books in one. 
    The story's in this book are from different anthology's.
    I like this book because it's all the short story's you need to read to get the rest of the books, but in one book. Now I don't have to find three separate books, I can just read one! 

    What do you think you'll read next?
    Well for right now I'm just gonna stick to Lynn Kurland books because that's what I'm in the mood for, and their light reads so I'm able to put them down when I want to. 
    The next book in the series is "A Garden In the Rain" by Lynn
    Kurland and I'm going to read this next.
    I think this was one of my favorites but I don't remember... We'll have to see!

    Monday, October 24, 2011

    Musing Mondays (October 24)

    Hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading
    Again, I usually don't do meme's but I decided to do this one!
    Today's question is: 

    Do you read audiobooks? Why, or why not?

    Most of the people I've followed have done this meme and said that audiobooks were not their thing. 
    I have a different answer. : D
    I love to listen to them. They are great for long trips! It makes the time go by faster. 
    I often call them the lazy way to read. My thing is, though, that the narrator has to be good.  I can't go through an audiobook if I don't like the reader. 
    I like listening to them at night when everyone is asleep because I'm able to concentrate on the book more when there isn't any distractions.
    I like to listen to books I've already read. I can't listen to an audiobook when I haven't read the book first. I find it hard to concentrate on them that way. 
    But sometimes having the book in your hands and being able to read it for yourself, is the best way. : )

    Friday, October 21, 2011

    Sorry. :(

    I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately! I haven't been reading at all... I've actually been a social teenager these past couple of weeks. Oh and I'm sorry I missed WWW Wednesday. I think it's a little too late now to do it otherwise I would.
    I've been keeping up with my Lynn Kurland books, but other than that, there hasn't been much reading going on here. I wish I could update you on more....
    I found a couple if new books (like I need any more TBR books...) I'll name off a few and give you a summary of each of them.

    1. "The Book of Fires" is about a girl pregnant with an unwanted child and she has to make her way in London, and she meets a guy who makes fireworks. It seems like a cool story.

    2.  An Enola Holmes Mystery: "The Case of the Missing Marquess".
    This is a book told by Enola Sherlock Holmes little sister. Her mother has disappeared so she goes to London to search for her. 

    3.  "1Q84"  I really don't quite know what's it's about actually but it looked cool. I know the basic story line but not a lot about it.  Here's the Goodreads page.

    Anyway, I think that's it for this blog. Till next time and keep reading! : )

    Wednesday, October 12, 2011

    WWW Wednesday (October 12)

    Meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading
    To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions...
    • What are you currently reading?
    • What did you recently finish reading?
    • What do you think you'll read next?
    Today we're gonna do my text in purple! XD

    What are you currently reading?
    I'm reading  "Nightshade" by Maryrose Wood.
    This book is the second book to The Poison Diaries trilogy. I read the first book and loved it! Which I'll talk about in the next question, but I'm excited to read the second. :D

    What book did you recently finish reading?

    I recently finished The Poison Diaries by Maryrose Wood which is the first book of the trilogy.
      I loved this book! I'm going to do a review on both these books when I'm finished with the second one. I'm not gonna tell you much about it, because you'll find out in my review! 

    What do you think you'll read next?

    I have tons of books sitting by my bedside right now, and plenty to read, so I don't know. Whatever I'm in the mood for I guess! haha

    Look out for book reviews soon! :D

    Sunday, October 9, 2011


    I just want to thank everyone again for commenting and following me! I know that this is probably the fifth time I've said thank you but I can't say it enough. Now time for the update.
    I'm pretty sure I've already told you this but I bought a few new books recently. I usually don't buy books, I just get them from the library cause it's cheaper that way. But I had some extra money to spend, so I have those books that I have to read.
    I've also been re-reading all of Lynn Kurland's books. I have all of them and I'm trying to read them in order, but it's hard because I don't know which order to do it in! So I went on Lynn Kurland's site and found that there are several ways to read her books. I picked one, and I'm almost done reading them all.  I love her books because they are so unrealistic. I'm sure you can't travel through time and meet hot Scottish lords but.... A girl can dream...
    Ok I got a question to ask. How many of my followers have read The Phantom Of The Opera. I know that many of you have seen the movie, and I have too, I just don't know if it's gonna be any good... So if you've read it, let me know what you thought of it!

    I don't know what it is with me and Jane Austen books, but I love them! I think I've read Pride and Prejudice and Emma (My two absolute favorites) a thousand times! I don't know... there's something about them that is so lighthearted, that it's easy for me to read them over and over again, and still feel excited about it! I just love them. : )
    Ok I think that's it with the updates for now. Happy reading!

    Friday, October 7, 2011

    Blogger award! XD

    Ok so like any normal day, I go on to check my Blogger account to see if anyone has commented or posted anything recently. And I go to find that Bookish gave me an award! I was sooooo happy, you have no idea.
    After so many times of posting and not getting any comments, I LOVE when I get them because it lets me know who's reading and if they like it or not. Sometimes when I don't have any comments I get a little discouraged. I'm always asking myself: "What if I did something wrong?" "What is wrong with my blog??" To get an award really made my day! I was so happy that someone was reading it and liked it so much that they put it as there second person to award it to! XD So a BIG thank you to Bookish for awarding this to me!

    Now here comes the hard part. I was told that I needed to thank the person who gave it to me. That's easy, check! Then I need to tell 7 things about myself. Which is also easy, so here we go! (I don't know if these things about myself should be book related or not... )

    1. I cry very easily. It doesn't matter if I'm happy, mad, or sad.
    2. Reading is my passion. Well, no duh because I have book blog! :P
    3. I don't do well in big crowds. I tend to get claustrophobic...
    4. I like to bake. A dream of mine is to have a bakery and live in Asheville.
    5.I'm a very emotional person. I feel things deeply and I'm very sensitive.You could say I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm an open book and I lay everything out on the table. Which means I don't have a lot of secrets but when I do, they tend to come out sooner or later.
    6. I'm VERY clumsy. I'm always tripping over my feet, or bumping into stuff.
    7. I HATE being in the center of attention. It freaks me out.

    Ok that was easy. I don't mind telling other people about me. Now the REAL hard part begins... I have to give this award to 15 other bloggers. Now I'm going to tell you right off the bat, that I don't follow a lot of blogs yet, so I don't think I can give it to 15 people. I would if I could but I do have a few that I would like to give the award to.

    1. Can I give the award to Bookish even though they already have one? Well I'm gonna do it just because.
    2. Bookzilla. I love her reviews because they are short sweet, and to the point. Plus she reads a lot of Jane Austen. ;)
    3.Randomize ME I love her blog because it's not just book reviews, it's music reviews and a whole bunch of other stuff. AND she always has free Kindle, Nook, and other book deals which are help me find new books!
    4.Should Be Reading because she's the one who has all the great meme's! Plus, she's also the one who helped me find other people to follow. :D

    Ok, so I have a question. Can I award this to other people besides book bloggers? Cause I got a few that aren't book bloggers but have really good blogs.... I'm going to do it. haha

    5. Book Harbinger I love her reviews! They are very detailed. I also love that she's read Silent In The Grave and loved it! XD
    6. Just Another Book Loving Girl. Her reviews are really good, and she has a lot of contests which is awesome!
    7. Crystals Book Reviews Crystal lost most of her followers because she changed her URL. But her blog is great! Check it out. :)
    8. Obsessed With Books She has great book reviews, very insightful. :)
    9. Lilie's Blog and Books This girl is a book blogger from France!
    10. Ramblings Of A Teenage Bookworm She does mainly YA books. Great reviews!

    Ok, Now for the blogs that aren't about books:
    11. A Series Of Stupidity  Ok this is my sisters blog, but I love it! When I suggested that she do a blog, I knew it was going to be good. She doesn't have a whole lot of followers but check her blog out!
    12. Life According To That Girl This is a great blog, of my friends. :D
    13. Layneman's Terms This is a blog about computer safety. It's a great blog for beginners.
    14. 642 Things To Draw This is a blog from a book called 642 Things To Draw, and this is about her doing the pages of the book.
    15. TLC (Tucker's Little Corner) This is my friend Tucker's little corner of the world.

    Hey, I did do 15 blogs! :D  Again I want to thank Bookish for giving me this award. Thank you so much! and I hope you all have a good day. : )

    Wednesday, October 5, 2011

    WWW Wednesday (October 5)

    To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions...
    • What are you currently reading?

    • What did you recently finish reading?

    • What do you think you'll read next?

    What are you currently reading?
    I'm reading a whole bunch of different books. It depends on my mood. I'm reading Emma by Jane Austen (Again), I'm also reading "Lady Of The Glen" by Jennifer Roberson, and "One Magic Moment" by Lynn Kurland. 
    What did you recently finish reading?

    I recently finished reading The Very Thought of You by Lynn Kurland. This book is part of a series of books. It's kinda hard to explain. Lynn Kurland follows two family's. The De Paiget family, and the MacLeod family. She starts with one book and it's the girl and the guys story, and the next book goes into another family members story.  There is no order specifically that you read them in, and you can read them just fine, stand alone. It's really up to the reader which order they want to go in. They could do it by order of publication, or they can do it in chronological order. It's up to them. I really enjoy these books. For more info you can go on Lynn Kurland's site.

    What do you think you'll read next?
    I don't know yet. I got a couple books in the mail recently and I've been reading those. I have yet to go to the library, so I'm sure I'll find books there. For right now I'll just stick to my books I bought. I've got a lot of reading ahead of me! XD

    Thursday, September 29, 2011

    I'm back!

    This my first blog in two in a half weeks, and now I'm back!
    I had a nice break from reading and now I'm ready to start back up again. I found this site, and it's called Thriftbooks. (Here's the link.) It's a great site. You can get used books for a lot less than what you would get at a bookstore. It's got new books, classics, romance, any type of book for 4 bucks and free shipping. It's amazing! I got three books for 11 bucks. That's how much you would pay for a brand new book at a bookstore. Me personally, I don't mind used books. As long as I can read them I'll be ok. I know that sometimes people like brand new books and in hardback, and I like that too, but it usually can get expensive. So this is a good site for used books at a cheap price.
    I got my books in today, that I ordered. I got "The Phantom Of The Opera", "Lady of the Glen", and "Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Collection of Stores Part I". I'm excited to get reading! I haven't got my Sherlock Holmes book in yet but it's supposed to be in soon. Hmm what else can I tell you about? There's not a lot going on, and I don't have a lot of time for reading, but I'll make do. I like not having books to take back to the library.
    Anyway, I'm gonna get to reading my books. I'll update you on anything that happens book wise. :)