Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New books and what's gonna happen next!

Hello everyone! How are you guys? It's been a while hasn't it?
I've been really busy. I know I always say that but it's true. Summer is here and I can't wait for all the fun I'm gonna have! Not to mention the summer reading. ;)
Anyway I went back to the library today for the first time in a while. I updated my Goodreads so you should see it in my Goodreads sidebar, but I'll tell you what I got anyway.

I got the next Lady Emily book, "Tears of Pearl" by Tasha Alexander.  I know, I know... I said I didn't really like the first three but I'm gonna read the forth one anyway. You can't just go through the first three without reading the rest! haha
I've heard good and bad stuff about this book so I'm hesitant about getting into it.
I also got "A Duty To The Dead" by Charles Todd. I had this book on my TBR shelf for a while, and I keep seeing it everywhere! I saw it as I was looking though the shelves trying to think of books I wanted to read on my Goodreads. I couldn't get on the computers because I had a fine, so I had to think of them off the top of my head. I'll give this book a shot. It seems cool!
Then I got this really cool graphic novel of Pride and Prejudice. It sooo awesome. The cover is like a magazine, with captions like on a magazine. Inside, it's just the normal Pride and Prejudice novel! It's epic. I can't wait to read it! :D

Then I got some non-fiction books, which I never get. I usually go strait to the fiction section but I figured I'd look and see what I could find. I found "Classical Music For Dummies". These books are great! My sister Lauren got one on piano playing.
It's an awesome book. It came with a CD to listen to also!
The other book is called "The Looks Book: A whole new approach to beauty, body image, and style". One of those girly books I like to get. hehe

Anyway I can't wait to read all of them. I'm gonna go read them now, but first let me tell you what my plans are for this summer.
I'm gonna skip the new blog thing. I already blog about random things on my Tumblr account and it's just too much for me right now to have another blog to update. Sorry. :(
If you care and want to follow my random posts, here's a link to my Tumblr:
Also, I'm gonna be updating this blog on and off. It won't be regular thing cause I'm not gonna be reading a whole lot. I was thinking about doing a review on all of "The Hunger Games" but it's really hard not give away spoilers.... I might figure out a way but I don't know yet. 
Did I tell you I finished "Mockingjay"? I think I posted it on my Tumblr but not on here. I wasn't real happy with it. For multiple reasons. But I'll go into that in a later blog. :P

Okay, I think that's it for me. I hope you guys have a wonderful summer! <3