Saturday, April 2, 2011

Book review: The Wise Man's Fear

Ok so I just got finished with The Wise Man's Fear and I would give it  5 stars! This book was pretty amazing. It had really good writing (of course) because if you've read The Name Of The Wind, which was also great, you obviously know that Patrick Rothfuss is a great writer. Very good plot line. See, originally this series was all one big book but of course you can't publish that... it's just too long, so it kinda leaves you hanging at the end of both books. But that's not a major problem! We just have to wait another thousand years for the third one to come out... This book was like the middle of the big book he originally wrote. It basically gave you nice back story to when the real action starts happening... or that's how I see it. In this book, he go's to a lot of places because the University is kinda kicking him out for a while because there's all sorts of rumors about him, and the the University is getting nervous about it's reputation. So to let the rumors cool down, he goes on all sorts of adventures. He leaves, and go's to one place, then from that place he go's on mission for that person, and on that mission he go's somewhere else, and from that place he go's somewhere ELSE... and so on and so forth. I'm not gonna tell you where he go's because you need to find that out for yourself. ;) So this book is basically just the middle of the huge book that he wrote.  I liked all the characters too. They were all likeable. There was not one that I didn't like or care about... I wanted to find out more. The care factor was really high. It was almost like I was in another world when I was reading it....
Yes, it is VERY long but I was ok with it... I love long books. When I care, I just want to know more and more and when it ends I get upset, so this book helped that. Since Name Of The Wind left you hanging,  I wasn't surprised when this one did too. But there is a lot of questions still left, that need to be answered so I hope that the third one will answer at lest some questions.  So, to sum up this book: It was a big page turner, good plot line, great writing, interesting characters, and long. (which was a plus for me.) I would definitely recommend this book to friends!
 And just a side note, you can't read this book without reading The Name Of The Wind first. So don't be lazy! Read both books. It's worth your time.


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