Friday, May 20, 2011

Update!!!!! WOO

Wellllllllll. I have an update on what I'm reading but it's not that great. It's just that I have finished Dance Through Time  and I'm now still working on The Name of The Wind because obviously, it's 600 pages long! and it's got pretty small words. Not like Breaking Dawn where it had 600 pages but that words were big..... and why am I talking about Twilight???? Ok lets get off this subject as soon as possible. soooooooo....... wonderful weather were having! Also I'm still listening to Pride and Prejudice... just in case you were wondering. : P

I've been sooooooo busy this week my brain is about to explode!!!! and I still have a weekend of partying to do! -sigh- Next week, I'm not doing ANYthing. Well, I have to work but other than that, I'm not doing anything. OH and go see Pirates of the Caribbean on the...... Wait, what's the date it comes out? Hmmmmm. I'll Google it. Be right back............................ Oh. It's it just came out today.... I didn't know that. We'll have to see it soon then. Anyways, this blog isn't really turning out to be a "update" but more like my problems... -shrugs- oh well. You can deal with it. : D

Ok I'm just now starting to get used this whole Blogger thing. Like how I can put pictures on my blogs!!! Look here's me!

Wow. That's a pretty big picture of me....
Anyways, I can put links on my blog, and I can put a video on here too! It's really cool.

Well, I think on that note I should stop and go do something with myself, besides read. You know sometimes, you have to take a break from the reading world once and a while and start talking about your life and problems that people don't even care about. But still, the whole theme of this blog is to get people to read so as I leave I will tell you this: Keep reading! It's good for ya! : D


Brock Brasil said...

i care bout ur problems and ur still reading the name of the wind?
did u read all the twilights?

Bookworm1996 or otherwise known as Megan said...

haha I'm glad you do cause there's gonna be a lot more. and yes I did. No, I'm not anymore cause I finished it. and yes I did...

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