Friday, February 24, 2012

Updates and my thoughts on "The Grand Sophy" by Georgette Heyer

Well I just got this sudden urge to blog, so I'm going to!
 For some reason, (and I think I've mentioned this before once) that when I see a book I want to read, I put it on my TBR shelf, and once I see it too many times and say I'm going to read it, I don't want to read it anymore. It's weird. I guess I just get sick of looking at it, so I'm not interested anymore. Which is odd, I know. I mean, I get a book that I've never seen before, and read it quickly but it takes me a week to finish a book that is about the same size, that I've been wanting to read for a while now. I don't know what my problem is. haha
Also I haven't got "Mockingjay" yet but when I do, I'm still going to do a series book review. Cant wait!

I don't know if I told you but I went to the library and got "Bellfield Hall" by Anna Dean. I've been reading that too, although I haven't got far in it. I'm sure I'll have to take it back soon, so I need to start reading it again. It's kinda hard though, when your Mom brings home a Georgette Heyer book home from the library, to read any other book.  She said I would like it, so I sat down and read it in two days. 
The Heyer book my Mom brought home was "The Grand Sophy". I think it's one of the most entertaining romance novels I've ever read. and I've read some pretty funny ones too. This book was witty, entertaining, and cute. I looooved it! It was written at just the right pace, it was quite funny and exciting. I've already read one of Georgette Heyer's books but I don't really remember it. It was one of those books my Mom tried to get me to read when she was trying to get me off my Twilight obsession. I think it was called "Venetia". I remember liking it. I want to read it again, so I can get a better opinion on it. 
I was reading some of the reviews on "The Grand Sophy" and this one girl said and I'm gonna quote her: "This is a romance novel that isn't a romance novel." I totally agree with this sentence. It was romantic yes, but it kinda wasn't. Sophy is constantly doing things to annoy the hero. But when you read it, you'll see that she never does anything without good reason or without thinking it thorough. She's not afraid to speak her mind, and she was the only one who could stick up to the hero. She wasn't really afraid of anyone, and I think that's what I liked most about her. Overall, I loved the book. I'm definitely going to read more Georgette Heyer books in the future. :D


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