Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My first blog!

Hi my name is Megan, and this is my first blog! I've decided to sorta write book reviews and give you my opinion on them.  I love to read books. It's my favorite thing to do. I'm not really a writer, I think I'd rather read a book than write one.  I'm not really funny, but I'll try to be as funny as I can. :)  I'm going to use this blog to get people to read more books, cause it's not as boring as you think if you find the right authors. and just so you know when I say books, I mean really good books. Not this Twilight crap that's going around. Yes, I've read Twilight, and I used to love it, but once I started to read different books and different authors I never wanted to go back. Now I'm not a Twilight hater, and I don't have anything against Stephenie Meyer, It's just not one of the great books that are out there.  There are SO many good books out there it's not even funny. When I was reading Twilight, that was the ONLY thing I read. Nothing else would spark my interest.  Then I read Juliet Marillier, and it hit me. Why am I reading this Twilight crap?  Juliet Marillier was such a good writer that I never wanted to go back to Twilight again. She had this amazing style of writing that was so good you couldn't stop reading her books. She gave you so much detail and so much description of characters. I really think that you should check her out online.  Here's the link :    Anyway, That started a whole thing for me. I wanted to find out what was out there. and so I did.  I have read a lot of good books. so that's what I want to do with this blog. I want to show people that look, You don't have to read Twilight to get a good book, there are tons out there with really good authors that you can enjoy reading. and that reading can be fun. Of course, I'm not just gonna be talking about Juliet Marillier. There are good authors just like her. and that's what I'll be covering in my blog. I hope you enjoy!


Caressa ( said...

Hey, Megan! I really enjoy the mission you're sharing and I really enjoy your reviews! Thanks for subscribing to bookish. I've left a detailed message for you there. ;P

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