Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another one of those update blogs nobody cares about.

Hiya! I have a book I could do a book review on but I'm kinda lazy sooooo.... you'll have to deal with an update blog for now, and this is as close to a book review as your gonna get, so suck it up. : P
Anyways, you know that author that one of my friends suggested to me, Deanna Raybourn? And you saw the book review I did on the "The Dead Travel Fast". Well, there was another book by her that my friend suggested to me. It's called Silent in the Grave. I read it, and I loved it. A lot. So much so that I bought the whole series. Well.... I didn't buy them exactly. I got a Amazon gift card that my great aunt gave me with 30 bucks to spend, so I bought the series with it. I just got the second book in the mail today and I'm almost done with it.... I know what your thinking: "Wow Megan, you have no life!" Which is right. I don't. But it's not my fault that I almost read the book in one day..... right? ok fine. Maybe I am a little obsessed with reading. So what? Isn't it a good thing? You better be glad I'm not obsessed with drugs or alcohol. That would have really ruined my life. But I'm not, so be happy and stop complaining! : P

ANYways, I'll stop and start taking about semi-cool stuff so you don't get bored. I'm gonna talk about my personal stuff so be prepared.
I have been hired to dog sit for my neighbors so I can get some cash, and I'm pretty good with dogs so it should be easy. I don't mind dogs. They don't bother me, so I figure why not? I'm gonna visit the dogs tomorrow and see what they are like and they can tell me when they want me there to watch them.
Also my Aunt, (one of the many Aunts I have) is getting married on the 24th so we've been getting ready for that. Today we had a makeup and dress rehearsal, so we could see what kind of makeup and stuff we want. It's gonna be an awesome wedding. It's kinda this medieval/druid wedding at the Groom's parents house in their backyard. And their backyard is gorgeous and perfect for a medieval wedding. It's gonna be awesome.
Ok, ok, ok I'm gonna stop now and go read the rest of my book (or some of it) now. I hope you enjoyed my blabbing and leave you saying: You should definitely read Deanna Raybourn's stuff. She's amazing. : )


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