Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book Review: The Dead Travel Fast by Deanna Raybourn

It was sooo hard for me to pick which book to do a book review on! But I guess I'll start with this book that I just (no joke, I finished it like three minutes ago) got done reading.

Ok let start off this book review by saying: This book is AMAZING. I don't really quite know what else to say about it. Ok here's the cover, and what it says on the back of the book and I'll tell you what I thought about it:

The back of the book says this:   A husband, a family, a comfortable life: Theodora Lestrange lives in terror of it all.With a modest inheritance and the three gowns that comprise her entire wardrobe, Theodora leaves Edinburgh—and a disappointed suitor—far behind. She is bound for Rumania, where tales of vampires are still whispered, to visit an old friend and write the book that will bring her true independence.
She arrives at a magnificent, decaying castle in the Carpathians, replete with eccentric inhabitants: the ailing dowager; the troubled steward; her own fearful friend, Cosmina. But all are outstripped in dark glamour by the castle's master, Count Andrei Dragulescu.
Bewildering and bewitching in equal measure, the brooding nobleman ignites Theodora's imagination and awakens passions in her that she can neither deny nor conceal. His allure is superlative, his dominion over the superstitious town, absolute—Theodora may simply be one more person under his sway.
Before her sojourn is ended—or her novel completed—Theodora will have encountered things as strange and terrible as they are seductive. For obsession can prove fatal…and she is in danger of falling prey to more than desire.

Ok the cover is really stupid, so don't think that this book is going to be a cheesy romance novel not worth reading. After all, you know the saying: "Don't judge a book by it's cover!". As you read in the discription on the back of the book, it looks like it gonna be another vampire novel like Twilight, but it's not. Also, it's not all about vampires even though it's setting is in Transylvania.  I'm not gonna say anything more because I would be giving away too much. I don't want to spoil the book.  ; )

 This books genre is kinda hard to identify... I don't know what to call it. It's definitely historical fiction, because it's takes place in Victorian times. It's also romance. It's very.... gothic. That's the best word I can think of. It has some paranormal stuff too but not much. It has some mystery in it, because you don't really know what's going on with the whole vampire and werewolf legends.... and the Count himself. You don't really understand him in general. I love that about him. He was mysterious, dark, and hard to read.  I would say the writing wasn't perfect but it was good. The plot was really good, and I liked all the characters in equal measure. I don't read much gothic novels so this one was a first. But all in all I thought it was amazing. The ending was really good I thought. I was very happy with it. It tied everything up, but I wouldn't say all my questions were answered... But I liked it a lot. I would definitely give it five star. This book is a big page turner, and I would read it it again. I would suggest this to anyone who likes gothic novels, romance, and a little mystery. This book is full of surprises. There was a lot of things I did not expect... and I liked that about this book. All in all, a very, very good read.


nicchic said...

Megan I have heard mixed reviews about this one...I bought it but have not read yet and I've just bumped it up higher on my to read list because of your glowing review.

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