Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is loaded with books, and loving it!

I have so much to read now I'm almost giddy. (Which I'm not, so don't get the wrong idea....) My Grandma gave me all of her Lynn Kurland books she had, and I have at least 13 books to read. It's a lot. I'm so excited! : D ANYways, today I went to Ashville with my family and friends. (Well one friend...) and got a whole bunch of new stuff I needed badly. And it was fun! The downside is I lost my hundred dollar bill I got from babysitting those dogs!!!!! I was sooooooo upset as you can imagine. I had to walk those stupid dogs FOUR freaking times a day, and have to clean up their poopy cages! AND wake up at 6 every morning! GAH. But on the bright side, those same people who own those dogs are going to the Keys and want me to babysit them for two weeks. Which means if they pay me the same they payed me for the first job I'll get 200 bucks, AND if I go clean with my friend, I can make MORE money. So it kinda makes up for what I lost today. Oh and I got some pretty awesome sleeper pants, so that's also another bright side. But still. I am upset that all that work is down the drain now, probably in someones pocket. >: (  -sigh- Oh well. What can you do?

Anyways back on the subject of books, I also got another book from that private library of that same friend I keep talking about in this blog. ( HI friend!!!!!!) I got the second to the Mary Russell series by Lauire R King. Called "A Monstrous Regiment of Women". So far it's really good! I'm enjoying it. So add that to the 13 Lynn Kurland books and you've got a happy Megan!  Lets just hope it lasts. ; )


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