Friday, July 15, 2011

Update time! :D

I always like these kinds of blogs because I get to tell you more about what I think on the books I read, it gives me a chance to vent and I can tell you what I think on some books without doing a whole review on them. Because sometimes they aren't amazing or they're just plain out bad, and I don't want to waste a whole review on them when I have other books that I would like to review, that were awesome, so I can gush about them.  Anyways, I finished a "Monstrous Regiment of Women" by Laurie R. King the same day a wrote the blog that I liked it.... cause I really liked it. It was really, really good. Why is it that I randomly find authors and love them???? It doesn't make any sense.... It's like they fall in my hands! Oh well. I'll go with it.

Well lets talk about the Mary Russell series, because I don't want to do a full review on it.  It would take too long and I haven't read all of them yet. Keep in mind that I'm only on the second in the series... but so far it's really good. And once I read all of them I'll tell you what I liked and didn't like about them cause I have some problems with this series and I don't mind some things that other people don't like about it. So I might have to do a book review on the series later. But then I run into a problem. If I do that, I would have to give spoilers and I hate doing that... so I'll think about it and get back to you. I might have to have give away some stuff... We'll see. Also, so far, this series is making me more interested in the original Sherlock Holmes mysteries. I want to read them now, so that's a plus.  Now is about the time where I tell you that I recommend this series highly because it's really good. Cause it is. BUT. This series, is mystery remember? And sometimes it takes a while for the story to start, and then when it does it get confusing, and then you get bored with it and don't read it again. Well that's what people usually say about mystery. Which is kinda true in a way, because it happened with me. The first mystery book I picked was "The Hound Of Baskervilles" by Arther Conan Doyle. I stared it, and never finished it because of this same problem. It's slow to start and then it gets boring. So I recommend that you start off with a mystery book that doesn't have a lot of mystery in it and is interesting to you. Because if you do what I did, and start off with a full fledged mystery book, you'll just get bored.  So start off slow. What got me started reading mystery was the Lady Julia Grey series by Deanna Raybourn, that I keep talking about.  Because that had a lot of stuff in it, not just mystery. You don't have to start off with the Lady Julia Grey series, you can start off with any mystery book you like, but just get something that has a lot of stuff in it, not just mystery. But also remember that mystery is not for everyone. It just might not be for you. If so, that's ok because there are tons of books out there that you might like. Mystery is not the kind of book you start off with. So now that I have read mystery books that are not all mystery, it's made me want to go and actually try reading the hard core mystery book. So that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna try to read "The Hound Of Baskervilles" again and see if I still like it.

So about the Lynn Kurland series.  Just like I said before, my Grandma let me borrow all of them, so I could read them in order. Well, so far I'm only on the first one because other books have been getting in the way.... The one I'm reading now is called (now get ready for some cheesy titles...) "Another Chance To Dream". hehehe It's so cheesy! These books are classified as Historical Romance. It's all about knights in shining armor coming to rescue damsels in distress. haha Not really. It is about a knight trying to win the lady he loves, who is married by force, to be his. It's kinda sad, because they have to live with each other the whole time shes married and he takes it pretty hard and they have to fight to be together. hahaha I love these kinds of books because of how they are not like real life, at ALL. It makes you forget about your problems, and puts you in a good mood. Or at least it does for me... hehe
This book is where it all starts. The next book in the series is on the characters I'm reading about now, one of  they're childrens story. If that makes any sense. It goes down thorough the generations, so you have to read them in order to know what's going on. It's kinda cool.

Ok I think this blog is long enough. I think you've already stopped reading at the first few paragraphs... So until next time, and remember, keep reading! : D


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