Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm back! (Again...)

Well, I'm back from my break from blogging and I'm ready to get into it again.

Anyway, my friend Kaila just got The Hunger Games at a bookstore and I read a little bit. I already loved it even though I only got to page 16. hahaha I cannot wait till I can buy it, and read it. I'm so excited.
You know, I have tons of books that I haven't read on my bookshelf but I don't want to read any of them.
 I think it's because I see those covers every morning, and just get sick of seeing them and that makes me not want to read them.... I need something NEW to read, otherwise I wont be reading very much. Which means another trip to the library is in order. I'm gonna get the books I'm most looking forward to reading, and that's it. If I get too many books my brain will get all crowded, and we know what happens when Megan's brain gets crowded, right? It's not pretty.

Okay so I recently read The Picture Of Dorian Grey and as I'm reading through it I'm like, "This is a great book!" then I get to some parts and they came so quickly I was shocked. I was staring at the book with my mouth open.  Let me just say, (without giving anything away) that not only is Dorian an arrogant jerk, he's also a psychopath. :P

I'm trying to think of other things I've read but I haven't really been reading. Which is terrible, but I just have other stuff going on. Once I get to the library I'll get to reading. And I mean it this time.  Everyone have a great week! <3


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