Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Musing Mondays (December 19)

Again, for the second time I forgot to post my Musing Monday's post. I started it, then I decided to do it later and now I'm late on posting it. Well here it is now, with a few updates first. One, I'm going to the library tomorrow so I'll have new books! But that also means I have to make a list... Two, I'm re-reading the whole Lady Julia Grey mysteries because I have nothing better to read. I started reading them three days ago? and I'm on the third one already.... I really forgot how much I love these books. :D Okay, now to the Musing Monday's post.
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This week's musing asks...

What's one book you always recommend to just about anyone?

 Now, some of you might guess what my answer would be, so I'll give you two books that I usually always recommend.

One, I've recommended these books to like, three people in the past month. And I even mentioned them above. I absolutely love the Lady Julia Grey mysteries and I'm always saying on here that their amazing, which is completely true. I would recommend these to anyone really. I love them!

Okay and the second books I would also recommend are Jane Austen books, especially if you like reading books in that time period. I've always been obsessed with that time period, and for me Jane Austen books are perfect for when you want to lose yourself in Victorian England. :D


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