Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm back!

This my first blog in two in a half weeks, and now I'm back!
I had a nice break from reading and now I'm ready to start back up again. I found this site, and it's called Thriftbooks. (Here's the link.) It's a great site. You can get used books for a lot less than what you would get at a bookstore. It's got new books, classics, romance, any type of book for 4 bucks and free shipping. It's amazing! I got three books for 11 bucks. That's how much you would pay for a brand new book at a bookstore. Me personally, I don't mind used books. As long as I can read them I'll be ok. I know that sometimes people like brand new books and in hardback, and I like that too, but it usually can get expensive. So this is a good site for used books at a cheap price.
I got my books in today, that I ordered. I got "The Phantom Of The Opera", "Lady of the Glen", and "Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Collection of Stores Part I". I'm excited to get reading! I haven't got my Sherlock Holmes book in yet but it's supposed to be in soon. Hmm what else can I tell you about? There's not a lot going on, and I don't have a lot of time for reading, but I'll make do. I like not having books to take back to the library.
Anyway, I'm gonna get to reading my books. I'll update you on anything that happens book wise. :)


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