Monday, October 24, 2011

Musing Mondays (October 24)

Hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading
Again, I usually don't do meme's but I decided to do this one!
Today's question is: 

Do you read audiobooks? Why, or why not?

Most of the people I've followed have done this meme and said that audiobooks were not their thing. 
I have a different answer. : D
I love to listen to them. They are great for long trips! It makes the time go by faster. 
I often call them the lazy way to read. My thing is, though, that the narrator has to be good.  I can't go through an audiobook if I don't like the reader. 
I like listening to them at night when everyone is asleep because I'm able to concentrate on the book more when there isn't any distractions.
I like to listen to books I've already read. I can't listen to an audiobook when I haven't read the book first. I find it hard to concentrate on them that way. 
But sometimes having the book in your hands and being able to read it for yourself, is the best way. : )


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