Monday, October 31, 2011

Musing Mondays (October 31)

Hosted MizB at Should Be Reading
I've decided that this will be a regular thing on my blog. It's a lot of fun and she comes up with good ideas for questions. So here we go!

Today's question is:

Would you say that you read about the same amount now as when you were younger? More? Less? Why?

I would say I read less when I was younger. (Also just as a side note, I'm not really that old. I'm 15.) 
I haven't been reading for very long. I just got started reading, like two years ago. 
It started with Twilight. I found it because it was so popular then, and my friends were reading it. I grew to love them so much, that I would only read them and no other books. Which was very, VERY stupid of me, because there are so many good books out there. 
It took me getting rid of the books and not thinking about them anymore to get me to stop and move on. With a little help from my friends. ;)
It eventually happened and now I'm where I'm at right now! I'm constantly finding new books to read, and that lead me to do a book blog when I grew to love books. 
Anyway, I'm ranting. This will get to the question soon. :P

My Dad, when I was little, would always read to me. I remember my dad reading me all sorts of books and I still remember them.  As I got older I read some chapter books sometimes, and not much else. As I got to my teens I read a bit but not a lot. When I was about 13 I had a lot of problems, with friends and myself, I was a mess. I didn't really have time to read much. Then Twilight came into the picture and I would always read those. I think I have Twilight to thank for getting me to read. It got everyone to read and now it's not so popular anymore. Which is ok with me because I got better things to read! haha 
Anyway I think that answers the question. I'm reading a lot now, and I'm glad I am. :)

Note: Sorry about the font. It's all messed up...


Kressy said...

I really enjoy that you represent a group of readers that spawned from Twilight and began to enjoy literature. I think that we sometimes stereotype readers, and it's not really fair.
Caressa @Bookish ;)

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