Friday, August 5, 2011

Book/series review: Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn

Now, I've talked a lot about Deanna Raybourn and her books but I've never actually done a review on the books I like the most, which is the Lady Julia Grey series. I'm just letting you know now, two things. One: This blog is going to be pretty long. And two: This is not just a review on the first book of the Julia Grey series, it's on all of them. Also, I promise not to give away any spoilers. Because I hate when people give away spoilers. Especially on a book blog. So you don't have to worry. 

You know the drill if you've been reading my book blog for a while, but for those of you who are just reading this, I usually tell you what's on the back of the book so you get an idea of what the story is about, then I tell you my thoughts on it and I give it stars depending on how much I like the book or series. Ok here's what it says on the back of the book:

"These ominous words, slashed from the pages of a book of Psalms, are the last threat that the darling of London society, Sir Edward Grey, receives from his killer. Before he can show them to Nicholas Brisbane, the private inquiry agent he has retained for his protection, Sir Edward collapses and dies at his London home, in the presence of his wife, Julia, and a roomful of dinner guests.
Prepared to accept that Edward's death was due to a long-standing physical infirmity, Julia is outraged when Brisbane visits and suggests that Sir Edward has been murdered. It is a reaction she comes to regret when she discovers the damning paper for herself, and realizes the truth.

Determined to bring her husband's murderer to justice, Julia engages the enigmatic Brisbane to help her investigate Edward's demise. Dismissing his warnings that the investigation will be difficult, if not impossible, Julia presses forward, following a trail of clues that lead her to even more unpleasant truths, and ever closer to a killer who waits expectantly for her arrival."

I give this book 4 stars!

Now I loved this book! It was very, very good. BUT. I liked the second one better. A lot better. I would give the second book five stars. I would have to say that two and three are my favorites because it was a little more exciting, and I liked the secondary characters a lot more.
I like Julia because she speaks her mind, and isn't afraid to show that she is capable enough to handle the murderers she confronts. I think she is Brisbane's match in every way. Now..... Nicholas Brisbane. Let me just say right now that I love him. He is amazing. But that's just my opinion. I like him because he's mysterious, enigmatic, and intriguing all at the same time.
Now at first I kinda thought the Julia was weak and narrow-minded. She was at the beginning. But she slowly changes over time to become a whole different person. The mysteries they solve change her in ways she didn't think possible and she just keeps getting stronger as the series goes. I liked her a lot. I like how in the beginning of the book, you don't know much about Nicholas Brisbane. But as the series goes along, you learn more about him.  A lot more. And some of the stuff may surprise you.... ; ) I liked the mystery in this book. Raybourn really did keep you guessing who the murderer is throughout the whole thing. Plot line was good, as was the story line.

Now some bad things about this book (Be prepared.):  Julia and Nicholas' relationship takes a while to get going, and I found it kinda frustrating at times. You think some big revelation is going to come up, but it never does. At one point I almost threw the book across the room, but I didn't. Julia gets winy sometimes and it gets annoying. Some parts in the first book were awkward. Brisbane can be a little cold sometimes. And the ending. I really was mad about that.... At first, I didn't have the second book, so her "That's a tale for another time..." really pissed me off. But when I got the whole series in the mail, I read all of them and liked everyone of them. Then I got to the end of "The Dark Road to Darjeeling" and I was mad all over again. I couldn't get the next one cause I spent all my gift card on the first four books of the series. I got more money and got the fifth one and it's coming in the mail! : D  I bet she's going to have a cliff hanger ending to the fifth one too. Excuse my language but..... Damn it all.

This whole series of books is amazing. I've said it in other blogs that I love it. I did buy the whole series on Amazon after all. And I don't regret it. I will be reading these books for a long time to come. I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes mystery and romance. You know what this series reminds me of? The Mary Russell series. It's a lot like it.   Now go read this book/series! You won't regret it.


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